Cover of Tsunami

By Joydeb and Moyna Chitrakar, Tara Books, 2011


Written and Illustrated by Joydeb and Moyna Chitrakar

Thiruvanmiyur, India, Tara Books, 2011

14.6" x 6" (closed) 14.6" x 68" (opened-accordion)

On loan from the collection of Lauren Stringer

This picture book is cast in the narrative scroll format of the traditional Patua art style of West Bengal, in southeast India. Remarkable for its vibrancy as a work of graphic art and design, it links past and present by memorializing the tragic devastation of the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami while at the same time evoking powerful echoes of ancient flood myths such as the one set down in the Hindu text Satapatha Brahmana.

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