The Slant Book

The Slant Book

Written by Peter Newell

New York, Harper & Brothers, 1910

8.2" x 10.25"

Kerlan Collection, Children's Literature Research Collections

University of Minnesota Libraries

Turn-of-the-century illustrator Peter Newell had no use for the bohemian life. A proud family man, he once noted, "Some of my best work has been done while I had a baby on my lap." An amateur magician who enjoyed surprising his young audiences, Newell invented some of the most offbeat picture-book formats as well. Holes punched through the pages of his first books traced the paths of a stray bullet and of a rocket prankishly launched in a basement. He chose The Slant Book's trapezoidal trim to mirror the angle of a runaway baby carriage's madcap downhill descent.

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