The Little Mermaid

Cover of The Little Mermaid

Illustrated by Lisbeth Zwerger, Penguin, 2004

The Little Mermaid

Written by Hans Christian Andersen

Translated by Anthea Bell

Illustrated by Lisbeth Zwerger

New York, Minedition/Penguin, 2004

9" x 11"

Kerlan Collection, Children's Literature Research Collections

University of Minnesota Libraries

An Austrian artist and recipient of the international Hans Christian Andersen Medal in illustration, Lisbeth Zwerger has made a specialty of refreshing classic tales with her ethereal watercolors. Zwerger's Little Mermaid, which first appeared as a traditional picture book in 2004, hews more closely to Andersen's original three-hanky love story than does the more upbeat Disney version. Here, digital animation, by enabling the heroine's watery world to ripple and stir to the touch, adds subtle visual grace notes to a multilayered narrative that needs to be savored.

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