The Plan


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Of all the stations in the Twin Cities, KUOM was by very nature the best equipped to handle the emergency project. As a non-commercial station, its program schedule was flexible and free of commercial commitments. Furthermore, it already had an extensive backlog of experience in the preparation and production of children’s programs. In simpler terms, KUOM had the freedom and the initial know-how for the job.

Not that these made the job easy. KUOM shouldered the task without advance notice. A non-emergency enterprise of this size would ordinarily be launched only after lengthy advance preparation, conferences, planning, and systematic revision of schedules. But faced with the immediate challenge, KUOM met it promptly, with its first special program for children. From there on, “KUOM for Kids” grew by the proverbial leaps and bounds.


Cover of Bulletin, School of the Air and KUOM Program Schedule, First Semester, 1945-1946

The Plan