Senior High Grades


Senior High Section Program Schedule, School By Air

2:00 - 2:30 p.m.

Senior high programs presented a more mature approach to teen-age interests in music, sports, science, safety, air transportation, and journalism, as well as special programs on responsibility to the community, crime prevention, consumer education, and making the most of opportunities. Outstanding specialists and visiting celebrities in pertinent fields contributed greatly to the success of these programs. Titles were: 

  • September 3: Classical Cats (Music)
  • September 4: How High Is Up (Science)
  • September 5: From Pillow to Toast (Air Travel)
  • September 6: Scoop (Journalism)
  • September 9: One Minute to Go (Sports)
  • September 10: Are You Hep (Civics)
  • September 11: Good Buy Now (Consumer Education)
  • September 12: Six Will Die (Safety)
  • September 13: Do You Want to be a Mule (Vocational Guidance)
School By Air
Senior High Grades