School By Air


Newspaper Clipping, "State Polio Report By Counties"

With the mounting toll of polio cases, it soon became evident that the opening of public schools throughout the state would have to be postponed until the crisis passed. Here again, with a wealth of experience in educational radio, KUOM was uniquely equipped to fill the gap. Accordingly, in cooperation with the Minnesota State Department of Education, the Minneapolis Board of Education, and a representative of the parochial schools, an extensive series of “School by Air” programs was planned to prepare children of all grades, from kindergarten through high school, for the coming school year. In this case, KUOM had time to prepare in advance. With the help of groups of St. Paul and Minneapolis teachers, the “School by Air” series was expertly designed to combine entertainment with educational features.

Many resources of the community were tapped to add color, news interest and authority to the “School by Air” series. Civic officials, visiting celebrities, professional entertainers, and public health authorities voluntarily appeared on programs dealing with subjects in their fields. Twin City newspapers and the state press published study guides to assist children and parents listening to the programs in their homes. 

Broadcast over a two-week period, until the opening of Minnesota schools on September 16, “School by Air” consisted of 45 programs divided among the age levels.


School By Air