The Future


Drawing, draft program brochure for School By Air

The experience of KUOM during the emergency has taught one lesson. Be ready for the next one!

The challenge had presented itself overnight. Efforts to meet it resulted in constant pressure, immediate and ever recurring deadlines, until the pattern of the emergency series began to take shape. As a result of this experience, there is now in the KUOM program files, a well-organized and fully developed model emergency plan which will answer the needs of children, and the demands of parents, medical authorities, and educators, in the event of a future community crisis.

Burton Paulu

Editor's Note:

The "KUOM program files" are preserved in the University of Minnesota Radio and Television Broadcasting records at the University of Minnesota Archives. In addition to these files, the Betty Thomas Girling papers provide further documentation of the KUOM "polio project." Items included within this exhibit were selected from these collections and are cited on the item record accordingly. 

The Future