Drawing to Music


Pamela Ditty, Mrs. John West, Arlene Dahl, and Sandra West listening to "Drawing to Music"

Monday through Saturday - 5:00 - 5:15 p.m.

Response on “Drawing to Music” was so overwhelming that it has since been made a weekly KUOM feature. Program material consisted of descriptive recorded musical numbers which might suggest pictures in the mind of the juvenile listener. Youngsters were invited to draw or paint pictures based on their impressions of the music, and submit the finished products for prizes, and for a public exhibition to be held later in the year. Result: within a six-week period, 9, 432 pictures submitted to the station by children of ages from 1 to 12.


Program Director Kenn Barry and University Gallery assistant Betty Maurstad review submissions inspired by the program "Drawing to Music"

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Drawing to Music