Junior High Grades


Junior High Section Program Schedule, School By Air

1:30 - 2:00 p.m.

Programs for the junior high age level presented informative and educational sidelights on subjects of special interest to youngsters of this group. Emphasis was concentrated on sports, movies and radio, popular and classical music, advances in science and transportation, the United Nations, health, safety and civic responsibility. The program schedule:

  • September 3: Goalposts 
  • September 4: Movies - Radio
  • September 5: Music
  • September 6: Believe It or Not
  • September 9: Tips for Trips
  • September 10: Student Council Statesman
  • September 11: Does it Affect You 
  • September 12: Rocket to the Moon 
  • September 13: Kids’ Country 
School By Air
Junior High Grades