Wood Engraving

A crop of Barry Moser's art from What You Know First. Click through to enlarge.

Wood engraving carves harder wood pieces for detailed prints.

Wood Engraving is a relief printing process similar to a woodcut. The prime difference is that the image is carved with a burin and uses a harder grain of wood, allowing for more durable and intricate prints.


Cover. Click through to enlarge


Final art. Click through to enlarge


Final art. Click through to enlarge

Barry Moser:What You Know First

In a 2009 interview done by Becky Cook, Moser said, “At an artistic level, I am what you might call a reductionist. I work best when I am bringing light out of dark. Engraving is an act of pulling white lines out of a field of black whereas when you draw on white paper, you are adding, not subtracting.”

The images in this book were engraved in Resingrave, a synthetic wood engraving medium manufactured by Richard Woodman in Redwood City California. They were printed from the blocks by Vance Studley at the Archetype Press, Pasadena, California.


Wood Engraving