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Etching. Click for gallery.

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Linoleum block/linocut. Click for gallery.

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Screenprinting. Click for gallery.

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Woodblock/woodcut. Click for gallery.

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Wood engraving. Click for gallery.

Printmaking is transfering materials from one surface to another.

Printmaking is an art form in which ink or other materials are transferred from a matrix to a material such as paper, fabric, wood, or stone. The matrix used for printmaking is most often a block of material such as wood, linoleum, rubber, or metal. In relief printing, the matrix is carved away to create a raised image, which prints in reverse. Intaligo printing involves incision of the matrix, while techniques like lithography use specially treated flat plates, with the ink adhering in some areas and not in others. The use of stencils and screen printing tools is also a form of printmaking.