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CASE II: REVOLUTIONARY CUBA (Cuba after 1959)           

CASE II POSTER #1: The Rise of the Cuban Revolutionary Government (1959-1961) 

Image Sources:

Korda, Alberto (photographer). Popularized cropped version of Guerrillero Heroico - Che Guevara at the funeral for the victims of the La Coubre explosion.
Photograph taken by Alberto Korda on March 5, 1960, at the La Coubre memorial service. 
Retrieved from

Fidel Castro arrives MATS Terminal, Washington, D.C. [photograph] 1959.
Digital ID: ppmsc 03256. Reproduction Number: LC-U9-2315-6 (b&w film neg.) Created/published: 1959 April 15.
Repository: Library of Congress Prints and Photographs Division Washington, D.C. 20540 USA
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Alicia Alonso: prima ballerina assoluta. Alicia Alonso; Video Artists International.; Ballet Nacional de Cuba.
Pleasantville, NY: Video Artists International, 2005.
Music Library Closed Stacks (Visual Materials) DVD-814

La trova y el bolero: apuntes para una historia. Lino Betancourt Molina 1930-. La Habana, Cuba: Editora Musical Producciones Colibri 2011
Wilson Library General Collection ML3486.C82 B48 2011

Burt Glinn (photographer). Popular support for the Revolution. [Photo] Cuba. La Havana. 1959. 
Photo: Burt Glinn: Cuba. La Havana. 1959. Thousands of supporters flocked in front of the Presidential Palace in La Havana to welcome Castro and Urrutia.
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See also:
Ernesto Hernández Busto. "A Photogenic Revolution". Penúltimos Días. Castrismo. Barcelona, España. Compartir. * This essay was published in the 82 issue of Review. Literature and Arts of the Americas. Translation: Jessica Powell.

Book on display under this poster:

Fernández Retamar, Roberto. Algunos usos de civilización y barbarie (Havana, 2003) 3 vols.
La Habana, Cuba: Editorial Letras Cubanas 2003
Wilson Library General Collection F1408.3 .F38 2003

CASE II: POSTER #2  (1961-1976)  External Threats and Consolidation  

Image Sources:

Cuban administrative units. United States. Central Intelligence Agency. Washington, D.C.: Central Intelligence Agency 1986.
Wilson Library Borchert Map (Thematic Maps) (G4921.F7 1986 .U5)

United States. House of Representatives, 94th Congress, 1st Session. Committee on International Relations, U.S. Trade Embargo of Cuba: Hearings before the Subcommittee of International Trade and Commerce and International Organizations of the Committee on International Relations on HR 6382 (Washington, D.C., 1976)
Wilson Library, Government Publications Library Y4.IN 8/16:c 89/2. 
Law Library Human Rights Library (KF27 .I5497 1975e)

Cuban Missile Crisis. [Front page image] The New York Times October 23, 1962.
Retrieved from Proquest Historical Newspapers. Restricted access: University of Minnesota login required.

Constitution of the Republic of Cuba. Cuba. Center for Cuban Studies. New York: Center for Cuban Studies 1976
Wilson Library General Collection JL1002 .C8x 1976
Restricted access:

AP (photo credit). "Khrushchev welcomes Cuban Prime Minister Fidel Castro as Castro arrives for a dinner at the headquarters of the Soviet UN delegation in New York, Sept. 23, 1960". [photo] Image #5 of slideshow in "How Kennedy Stepped Back From The Brink Of War," By Editor. Oct. 14, 2012. WLRN Public Radio and Television Miami/South Florida. 
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Adam Jones (photographer). Kids in School Uniform along Waterfront - Baracoa - Cuba [photo].

Books on display under this poster:

Operation Zapata: the ""ultrasensitive"" report and testimony of the Board of Inquiry on the Bay of Pigs. Frederick, Md.: University Publications of America ©1984
Wilson Library General Collection (F1788 .O62x 1984)

CASE II: POSTER # 3 (1962-1989) Making the World Safe for Revolution

Image Sources:

"Che Guevara at his basecamp holding a local African infant and standing next to a fellow Afro-Cuban soldier in the Congo during the Congo Crisis, 1965 [photo], in Le Che. Collection Phares. Alain Ammar. Paris: Hugo ©2011
Wilson Library General Collection (F2849.22.G85 A66 2011)

Fuentes, Norberto, Dulces guerreros Cubanos. (Barcelona, 1999) 
Wilson Library F1788.22 .F84 A3x 1999.

Masetti, Jorge. El furor y el delirio: itinerario de un hijo de la Revolución Cubana (Barcelona, 1999) 
Wilson Library UB271 .C9 M37 1999. Series: Colección Andanzas. Memorias.
Jorge Masetti 1955-; Elisabeth Burgos-Debray 1a. ed.. Barcelona: Tusquets Editores 1999
Wilson Library General Collection (UB271.C9 M37 1999) and other locations

(1959-1990)  Dissent and Repression

Image Sources:

Clark, Juan, Religious Repression in Cuba. Coral Gables, Fla.: North-South Center for the Cuban Studies Project of the Institute of Interamerican Studies, University of Miami 1986], ©1985
Wilson Library BR1608 .C9 C53 1986.

Operación Peter Pan: cerrando el círculo en Cuba. Olga Rosa Gómez Cortés [director]. La Habana, Cuba: Casa de las Américas 2013
Wilson Library General Collection (HV640.5.C9 O8 2013)

Books on display under this poster:     

Mea Cuba. G Cabrera Infante (Guillermo), 1929-2005. Madrid: Alfaguara 1999
Wilson Library General Collection (F1788 .C22 1999)

Fuera del juego. Heberto Padilla Rio Piedras, P.R.: Editorial San Juan 1971
Wilson Library General Collection (PQ7390.P3 F8 1971b)

CASE II: POSTER #4  (1990-2015)  Questioning, Change and Survival             

Image Sources:

"What Brought Them Together" [Fidel Castro & Pope John Paul II, cover illustration]. Time, January 26, 1998. 
Wilson Library Periodicals Collection. Cover Credit: GERARD RANCINAN January 26, 1998 | Vol. 151 No. 3,9263,7601980126,00.html 
Retrieved from:

Raul Castro, Cristina Fernandez, Fidel Castro and Dalia Soto del Valle during the Argentine president's last visit to Cuba in January 2013 [photo], in "Argentina's Cristina Fernandez, 1st President to arrive in Cuba for Summit". Havana Times. January 25, 2014.
Retrieved from:

Buena Vista Social Club. Wim Wenders; Ry Cooder; Ibrahim Ferrer 1927-2005; Rubén González 1919-2003; Eliades Ochoa; Omara Portuondo; Compay Segundo; Orlando López 1933-2009; Amadito Valdés; Manuel Mirabal Vázquez 1933-; Barbarito Torres; Pío Leyva; Manuel Licea 1927-2000; Jörg Widmer; Brian Johnson; Road Movies Filmproduktion; Kintop Pictures (Firm); Arte (Firm); Instituto Cubano de Arte e Industria Cinematográfica; Artisan Home Entertainment (Firm), Santa Monica, Calif.: Artisan Home Entertainment ©1999
Walter Sci/Eng Library Smart Learning Commons (M1681.C918 B83 1999)

Living Santeria: rituals and experiences in an Afro-Cuban religion. Michael Atwood Mason. Washington D.C. : Smithsonian Institution Press ©2002
Wilson Library General Collection (BL2532.S3 M27 2002)

La Patria es de todos: Voces de la disidencia cubana. Federico Campbell; Elizardo Sánchez Santa Cruz. 1. ed. México, D.F.: Ediciones del Milenio, 1998.
Wilson Library General Collection (F1788 .P257x 1998)

Carlos Acosta's Don Quixote.  Carlos Acosta 1973-; L. Minkus 1826-1917.; Martin Yates 1958-; Ross MacGibbon; Marianela Nuñez; Christopher Saunders; Philip Mosley (Dancer); Ryoichi Hirano; Laura Morera; Bennet Gartside; Gary Avis; Christina Arestis; Yuhui Choe; Beatriz Stix-Brunell 1993-; Valeri Hristov; Johannes Stepanek; Itziar Mendizabal; Thomas Whitehead (Dancer); Melissa Hamilton (Dancer); Elizabeth Harrod (Dancer); Kristen McNally; Marius Petipa 1818-1910; L. Minkus 1826-1917; Tim Hatley; Hugh Vanstone; Steve Eveleigh; Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra 1547-1616.; Royal Ballet; Royal Opera House (London, England). Orchestra; Royal Opera House (London, England); Opus Arte (Firm), London: Opus Arte 2013.
Music Library Closed Stacks (Visual Materials) (DVD-1868)

Carlos Acosta at the Royal Ballet. Royal Ballet. London: Oberon Books, 2015
ISBN: 9781783198900; 1783198907
Retrieved from:

Cover. Time. 4/6/2015, Vol. 185 Issue 12, pC1-C1. 1p. 
See also: Vick, Karl; Mascareñas, Dolly. "Cuba on the Cusp." (cover story). Time. 4/6/2015, Vol. 185 Issue 12, p28-39.

Books on display under this poster:

Spanish edition: La Nada cotidiana. Emecé narrativa.Zoé Valdés 1959- . 9 ed. Barcelona: Emecé Editores 1995
Wilson Library General Collection (PQ7390.V342 N33x 1996)

English edition: Yocandra in the paradise of nada: a novel of Cuba. Zoé Valdés 1959-; Sabina Cienfuegos. New York: Arcade Publ. 1997
Wilson Library General Collection (PQ7390.V342 N313 1997)

Proposed rescission of Cuba's designation as a state sponsor of terrorism: message from the President of the United States transmitting a report on the proposed rescission of Cuba's designation as a state sponsor of terrorism.
House document (United States. Congress. House); 114-26. United States. President (2009-: Obama), Barack Obama; United States. Congress. House. Committee on Foreign Affairs, S.l: s.n. 2015? Online access. The library also has physical copies.
Wilson Library  Gov Pub (US Congress Serials) Y 1.1/7:114-26
Wilson Library Gov Pub (US Microfiche) Mfiche Y 1.1/7:114-26