1878-1898 Variants of Cubanness

The war of independence started by Céspedes, ended in 1878 not with independence, but with political representation for Cubans at the parliament in Madrid. Many social reforms were implemented in Cuba between 1878 and 1898, such as the abolition of slavery, the end of legal racial segregation in public places and schools, and the end to restrictions on inter-racial marriages, in response to petitions and demands by activists like Juan Gualberto Gómez. But some Cubans, many settled in the United States like the poet-journalist José Martí, began another war of Cuban independence in 1895. During this war, generals like Antonio Maceo rose to prominence. In response to the demands of Cubans like Rafael Montoro, Spain granted Cuban autonomy (home rule) on 1 January 1898.


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