Olaus Magnus p. 65

Olaus Magnus p. 673

Olaus Magnus p. 707

“Nor is the danger small that hangs over the fisher-men themselves, when they draw with hooks huge strong fishes, that are about twelve foot long, as Turbets, Scates, and other finned fishes; who when they are ready to be drawn forth of the waters, do oft pull the fisher-men into the waters unless they fence themselves well with cords before-hand in the ship, or else help one the other as they labor. But such as with a prosperous gale, having passed such great dangers at sea, come safe home with their fisher-boats to land, they pull forth their fish, and make them clean, and cut them in pieces, or else salt them whole with pickle, and lay them in the sun, and most sharp winds, to dry by the cold piercing air.”