Bow and Arrows

Olaus Magnus p. 13

“The Goths excel all the rest for their valor in slings, arrows, lances, and swords, that scarce in the whole world there are made greater and stronger cross-bows, than amongst them.…And they have no less affection to strong steel bows, and their attractive wheels, whereby with wonderful agility the bows are bent with a crooked back; and there is such force in an arrow shot from it, that they will shoot through  a man in armor, with a coat of mail, and double breast, as if it were soft wax.”

Olaus Magnus p. 14

“The art of shooting with the bow, as a natural profession all the northern people follow, especially with bows fitted for every age, time, place, and occasion, and this in their first age wherein their careful parents teach all children of both sexes, but chiefly their boys, how to hold, raise, or depress, or turn obliquely their hand-bows to shoot their arrow with (for other kind of arrows they use not) and if a dart or arrow, missing the mark, is lost between the snow or grass, or fall down into shrubs or trees, that it cannot be found; to recover it, they shoot one or more arrows after it, at length or upright to find it: for that which was first shot, is to be found not far from it.”