On Reflection


Stenbery-Masolle (1925)

When we started our research of Little Red Riding Hood, neither of us expected the plethora or variety of information available on the topic of a little girl's journey into the woods. Before our project began we had asked ourselves, "How many editions of Little Red Riding Hood can there really be?" We quickly discovered that there were more than we could have ever imagined. 

This project has given us a chance to use our Library and Information Science degree to its fullest extent. We started by simply searching the CLRC database for the information that we sought, which turned into an adventure that continually uncovered more ideas and information.

There are many ways to explore this information and we had several ideas on how to organize this digital exhibit. In some ways, this exhibit just touches the surface of Little Red Riding Hood, and we hope that it will encourage others to delve more deeply into Little Red's journey.

We are excited for this exhibit to be used by students, teachers, and researchers as just one example for how fairy tales can be compared and analyzed. We are certain that this exhibit will inspire others to study similar works and share their discoveries.

On Reflection