Timelines and Chronology in Storytelling


Encyclopaedia Britanica, 1968

LESSON:  Timelines and Chronology in Storytelling

Content Area(s): Language Arts, History

Questions to Consider:

  • How does the timeline of events impact how the story is told?
  • If certain events would have happened earlier or later, how might the story have changed?


Ask students to take turns telling different sections of LRRH based on their memory of the tale. Compare the different variations that come up and discuss why students may remember the tale differently. 

After reading the traditional story of LRRH, students will map key events along a timeline.  They will then reimagine the story using a different timeline and discuss how changes in the timeline could impact the central themes and plot of the story.

Suggested texts:

Elementary: Little Red Riding Hood by Paul Galdone

Middle: Red Riding Hood by James Marshall

Secondary: Little Red Riding Hood by Beni Montresor

Timelines and Chronology in Storytelling