For Elementary School Teachers

While much of the content of this online exhibition is relevant to elementary school history standards, most of it caters to a higher reading level and addresses historical issues and events that are beyond what is taught in elementary school. In order to still share these documents with younger audiences, we have created the “Young Scholars” section, which features a similar format to the rest of the exhibition but better tailored to the educational needs of elementary school students.

In crafting these pages we took into consideration the Minnesota’s history standard benchmarks for 5th graders (North American History up to 1800), though use of the exhibit, as a teaching tool should certainly not be limited for Minnesota schools. Below is a list of which substrands, standards, and benchmarks this exhibit can be used as a learning tool for, and which specific pages within the exhibit are relevant to each category. All substrands fall within the History strand.

Substrand: History Historical inquiry is a process in which multiple sources and different kinds of historical evidence are analyzed to draw conclusions about how and why things happened in the past.

           -Young Scholars Colonization and Settlement: 1585-1763


.1 Identify various motivations of Europeans for exploration and settlement in Asia, Africa and the Americas from the fifteenth to early seventeenth centuries

           -Young Scholars: Trade between colonies, Captain Roger North, Effects of English Wars and Trade

.2 Identify the role of Europeans and West Africans in the development of the Atlantic slave trade

           -Young Scholars: The Slave Trade

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For Elementary School Teachers