"To be wholly adequate as a memorial, the Stadium must serve living generations effectively, besides preserving a realization of the gallantry of those who fell. But to fulfill its possibilities, it must be more than the arena for exciting and colorful games. It must contribute directly to the well-being of all the students of the University"
     -- President Lotus D. Coffman, Memorial Stadium dedication, November 15, 1924.

With this interactive digital archive, the University of Minnesota honors the history of Memorial Stadium. In 2008 while watching enthusiasm grow as TCF Bank Stadium came to life an inspired group of University Libraries staff explored how the rich archival resources and the digital technology expertise of the Libraries could be channeled to capture and share the history of Memorial Stadium. Photos, game footage, programs, correspondence, reports, and blueprints from the University Archives' collections were scanned by the Libraries' Digital Library Services and uploaded into Omeka, a free, open source, interactive web-based publishing platform which allows visitors to the site to share their own stories and recollections of Memorial Stadium. The result is a lasting resource reflecting the history of Memorial Stadium from a wide variety of perspectives

University Libraries Project Team:
Shane Nackerud, Jason Roy, Claudia Sueyras, Beth Kaplan, Karen Spilman, Erin George, Jennifer Claybourne Torkelson, Ahnna Mahoney, Maggie Eichenlaub, Joe Bartoletti

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The financial contributions of thousands of students, faculty, alumni, and staff built Memorial Stadium. Over the decades, those same groups have contributed priceless and unique collections to University Archives. But collecting that history in the Archives is just the beginning. Ongoing support is needed to ensure preservation and broad access to treasured films and photographs such as those featured on this site, and for all of the rich resources in the University Archives. Many of these materials need cleaning, cataloging, and reformatting before they can be accessed by researchers.

Your gift today can help preserve a piece of University history for tomorrow. Materials in need of preservation and cataloging include:

  • Gopher yearbooks 1890-1967 and other student / staff publications.
  • Campus maps and blueprints from the University's founding to the present.
  • Thousands of 16 mm films and tens of thousands of photographs, lantern slides, and glass plate negatives documenting the University's history in sports, the arts, natural history, medicine, research and teaching.


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