Additional Resources at the James Ford Bell Library

The materials below may be requested for study in the reading room of the James Ford Bell  Library at the University of Minnesota.  Some of these items may also be available online: check the U of MN online catalog or the catalog of your local library; you might also find an online version through a Google search.  

Sir Walter Raleigh (1552?-1618). Judicious and select essayes and observations, by that renowned and learned knight, Sir Walter Raleigh : upon the first invention of shipping, the misery of invasive warre, the Navy Royall and sea-service : with his Apologie for his voyage to Guiana. London : printed by T. W. for Humphrey Moseley ... 1650
Bell Library Call #:  1650 Ra

Nicolas Villault sieur de Bellefond (active 17th century). A relation of the coasts of Africk called Guinee : with a description of the countreys, manners and customs of the inhabitants, of the productions of the earth, and the merchandise and commodities it affords, with some historical observations upon the coasts : being collected in a voyage made by the Sieur Villault, Escuyer, Sieur de Bellefond, in the years 1666, and 1667
London : printed for John Starkey ... 1670
Bell Library Call #: 1670 sVi

Roland Fréjus (c. 1700), Antoine Charant. The relation of a voyage made into Mauritania, in Africk, by the Sieur Roland Frejus of Marseilles, by the French king's order, in the year 1666 to Muley Arxid king of Tafiletta, &c. for the establishment of a commerce in all the kingdom of Fez, and all his other conquests.
London : printed by W. Godbid, and are to be sold by Moses Pitt ... 1671
Bell Library Call #:  1671 sFr

Pierre Martin de La Martinière (1634-1690). A new voyage into the northern countries : being a discription of the manners, customs, superstition, buildings, and habits of the Norwegians, Laponians, Kilops, Borandians, Siberians, Samojedes, Zemblans, and Islanders : with reflexions upon an error in our geographers about the scituation and extent of Greenland and Nova Zembla.
London : printed for John Starkey ... 1674
Bell Library Call #:  1674 La

Guillaume-Joseph Grelot (approximately 1630),John Phillips (1631-1706). A late voyage to Constantinople : containing an exact description of the Proportis and Hellespont, with the Dardanels, and what else is remarkable in those seas, as also of the city of Constantinople, wherein is particularly describ'd the Grand Seraglio and chief mosquees : likewise an account of the ancient and present state of the Greek Church, with the religion and manner of worship of the Turks, their ecclesiastical government, their courts of justice, and civil employments.
 London : printed by John Playford, and are to be sold by Henry Bonwicke ... 1683
Bell Library Call #: 1683 Gr

Guy Tachard (1651-1712). A relation of the voyage to Siam : performed by six Jesuits, sent by the French King, to the Indies and China, in the year, 1685 : with their astrological observations, and their remarks of natural philosophy, geography, hydrography, and history
 London : printed by T. B. for J. Robinson and A. Churchil, and are to be sold by S. Crouch ... 1688
Bell Library Call #: 1688 Ta

Gabriel Dellon (ca 1649); Souchu de Rennefort (ca 1630-ca 1690); Jodocus Crull  (ca 1713?) A voyage to the East-Indies : giving an account of the isles of Madagascar, and Mascareigne, of Suratte, the coast of Malabar, of Goa, Gameron, Ormus, and the coast of Brasil, with the religion, customs, trade, &c. of the inhabitants, as also a treatise of the distempers peculiar to the eastern countries.
 London : printed for D. Browne, A. Roper, and T. Leigh ... 1698
Bell Library Call #: 1698 De

Additional Resources at the James Ford Bell Library