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Louise Homer and her Daughters
Such a woman gives richly to the world and its future through her work and her personality as well as through her children.

Worth-While Lives
Anna Howard Shaw, Alice Freeman Palmer, Jane Addams, Florence Nightingale, Edith Cavell, Maria Mitchell, Madam Curie, Madam Schumann-Heink, Ethel Barrymore, Margaret Deland, Mary Roberts Rinehart, Mrs. Humphrey Ward, Elizabeth Barrett Browning

Building for the Community
The spirit of the true family must become the spirit of the community. Women are largely the makers of the home and the conservers of its spirit. Will your home be merely a place for eating and sleeping? Or will it be a home of understanding…

Home-Making a Talent
Build your home upon a personality. It may be a single room in a city boarding house. It may be with another girl, or with your own family, or alone. But if you bring to it the zest of living, an interest in people and events, and friends…

Values of home
Build your home upon a partnership. Partners, fit and congenial: radiate happiness; maintain personal health; transmit their fitness for a finer race; share joys, sorrows, and responsibilities in the spirit of mutual love.

Home-Making a Science
A real home is no accident. Efficient housekeeping increases home comfort. It requires knowledge and skill. Learn: To care for the house -- Business efficiency; To spend wisely -- Budget system; To feed the family -- Food values; To care for the baby…

The Happiness of Children
A healthy, happy child is the greatest joy-bringer in the world. Healthy, happy children are born of fathers and mothers who have kept their bodies vigorous and free from disease, their minds eager and interested, their aspirations high. What will…

For a Happily Married Life
Love is essential and mutual respect, common interests, and unselfish consideration are the foundations of love. Sexual abstinence before marriage for both man and woman is the only reliable safeguard for the welfare of the family. To be sure that…

How venereal disease germs are discovered
Gonorrhea and syphilis usually can be cured if treatment is given early enough by a reputable physicain or at a clinic. Long-continued treatment is often needed for complete cure. Patent medicines and self-treatment are dangerous. Advertising doctors…

Blinded by Gonorrhea
If the mother has gonorrhea, her child may be blinded at birth. Simple medical treatment at time of birth will preent such blindness. Men who think themselves cured sometimes infect their wives with gonorrhea. Chronic ill-health and inability to…

A Syphilitic Baby
Every child has a right to be well-born. If the father or the mother has syphilis, the child may be born dead or defective.

Germs of gonorrhea and syphilis
A man who would lead a girl into sex relations may be infected with gonorrhea (clap) or syphilis (pox). Gonorrhea and syphilis are germ diseases which are communicable (contagious). The germs of either disease may be passed from a diseased person to…

Conventions Which Protect
For suitable place to stay and for other information ask the "Traveler's Aid" woman, the station matron, or a police man or woman.

Conventions Which Bring Freedom
Decent good times lead to more good times because they promote permanent friendships. Entertain your boy friends in your own home. Introduce them to your family and to older friends whom you trust. Be proud of your friends.

Beware of Chance Acquaintances
"Pick-up" acquaintances often take girls auto riding, to cafes, and to theatres with the intention of leading them into sex relations. Disease or child-birth may follow. Avoid the man who tries to take liberties with you. He is selfishly thoughtless…

Danger in Familiarities
Conventions are the fences society has built to protect you and the race. Familiarities arouse dangerous desires. They waste your power for the finest human companionship and love. Physical attraction alone will never wholly satisfy. Complete and…

True friends
A true friend stimulates you to be your best self. He never asks you to grant liberties. True courtesy is born of respect for yourself and others. A handshake indicates a friendly greeting; a kiss should mark a pledge of love. If you do not rightly…

Play Hard -- Work Hard
Read books and see plays that arouse you to make more of yourself. Brain power like muscle grows with exercise. In work, play, music, books, and friendships the social impulses find expression. The creative forces, thus directed, build fine habits…

Thoughts Affect the Body
The sight or thought of food often causes a flow of gastric juices in the stomach. Anger or joy may mar or make the beauty of a face. Thoughts aroused by daydreams of love tend to mold character. Let your daydreams be fine and enobling, not cheap and…

Creative Instinct is Like Fire
Controlled, fire gives heat, light, and power which runs the factory machinery or the railway train. Uncontrolled, it is the cause of untold loss and human suffering. Are you using or wasting your creative powers? Humanity needs your energy wisely…

What Sex Brings to the Race
The creative race underlies the attraction between boys and girls, as well as courtship, love, marriage, and family life. It makes manliness, womanliness, motherhood and fatherhood. To both boy and girl, sex gives a new joy in living, a desire for a…

What Sex Brings to the Boy
Sex gives the boy muscular strength and ruggedness. It is the sex impulse which makes him want to do, dare, possess, strive. It gives him initiative, energy, and manly vigor.

What Sex Brings to the Girl
Sex endows the girl with beauty of body, vivacity, and charm of manner. It is the sex or creative impulse which inspires her warmth of affection, her intensity of purpose, her desire to devote herself to the welfare of humanity.

Menstruation is connected with reproduction. At puberty (12-14 years of age) ripe ova begin to leave the ovaries periodically. Near the time of each period, the inner wall of the womb becomes spongy and filled with blood. If the eggs is fertilized ,…

Female Reproductive System
The female reproductive system consists of: 1. Two ovaries -- flands in which develop the ova or egg cells. 2. Two fallopian tubes -- through which the egg cells reach the uterus. 3. Uterus (womb) -- a chamber with muscular walls in which the…

What Kind of Children?
Children get their basic qualities by inheritance. If they are to be strong, keen, efficient, and great, there must be good blood back of them. If you want your children to be well-born, choose your husband because of fine qualities in his family as…

The Baby
Human beings, too, are mammals, and fertilization and development take place within the mother. The period of development or pregnancy is nine months. At birth the muscles contract and push the child through the birth canal (vagina) into the outer…

Reproduction in the Rabbit
In the rabbit and other mammals, the sperm fertilizes the egg within the body of the mother. The fertilized eggs are small and contain no food. They become attached to the wall of the uterus (womb) and are nourished, warmed, and protected until as…

Reproduction in the Chick
The yolk contains the ovum of the hen. The ovum or egg is fertilized in the hen's body by the sperm of the rooster, before the white and the shell are added. The fertilized egg begins to develop before it is laid. To complete its development it must…

Reproduction in the Plant
The parts of the flower are the sex organs of the plant.

All life passed on by reproduction
If wheat and similar plants did not reproduce, the world would starve. A plant or animal that does not reproduce itself becomes extinct. It is reproduction that continues the living world of plants, animals, and men. All life is passed on from…

Secretions .. make men and women
The secretion of the ovaries makes the girl grow into a woman. The secretion in the testes makes the boy grow into a man. The ovaries and testes also make possible fatherhood and motherhood -- reproduction.

Glands and Their Secretions
Glands make substances which help the body to develop and do its work. The tear glands secrete a liquid which cleans and protects the eye. The oil glands secrete a substance which keeps hair and scalp healthy. The salivary glands in the mouth and the…

Have Some Fruit
Bowel health requires fruit, green vegetables (canned or fresh), and coarse bread, daily, providing bulk and roughness. Eat slowly. Drink at least 8 glasses of water daily. Fix a regular time for bowel action. Deep breathing and bending exercises…

Do You Wake Refreshed?
Sleep with the windows open. "Turn in" at regular hours. Get 8 to 9 hours sleep every night.

Walking is Exhilarating
The friendly road. It is fun if your shoes are right. Breathe deep, walk errect, look the world in the face. Exercise taken in the fresh air and sunshine develops appetite, red cheeks, vigor, joy, grace.

Be Clean
A modern bathroom, though desirable, is not essential to cleanliness. A basin, soap, and water will answer. The best way: 1. Warm water and soap - 5 minutes. 2. Cold shower or sponge - 1/2 minute. 3. Rub with coarse towel - 4 minutes. Without…

Beauty that will Last
Every girl can improve her hair. Brush it clean and glossy every day. Use your own comb and brush. Dandruff is "catching." Every girl wants an attractive mouth. Brush your teeth night and morning. Go to the dentist twice a year. Smile!

Respect your Body
Copy the pose but not the shoes. Correct posture gives attractive figure, straight back, freedom of action for heart and lungs, good muscle tone. Stand tall -- chest up, not out -- toes straight forward when walking or standing. A well-poised body…

Beauty Comes from Within
Paint your cheeks from the inside out. Outdoor exercise, baths, regular meals, and plenty of sleep will help. Most girls could be prettier than they are because most girls could be healthier.

Healthy Girls Get More Fun Out of Life
Go in for sports: Swimming, Skating, Rowing, Dancing, Hiking, Tennis, Baseball, Basket-ball, Indoor games

The Healthy Girl can Enjoy her Work
Do your work with all your might because you see in it something worth accomplishing -- and what was a drudgery becomes a joy.

What One Girl Did
Four years ago she saw only her physical handicap, her lameness. Today she is an excellent swimmer and a life saver, also a doctor's assistant. Given a bit of encouragement, physical training, and education, courage came -- then health, a useful…

Fitness of Body and Mind
Fitness of body and mind increases: Beauty, Grace, Friendships, Self-respect, Self-reliance, Initiative, Leadership, Endurance, Courage.

Good Times Come with Health
Good times come with good health.

Looking Forward
A woman physician who is also a mother. The girl of today will be the woman of tomorrow. She will need brains, vitality, and sound training, if she is to take her place in the world as a mother and a useful citizen.

Youth and Life
An Exhibit for Girls and Young Women. Approved by the United States Public Health Service. Published by the American Social Hygiene Association. 570 Seventh Avenue, New York City

Glands Build Up the Body
Such glands as the thyroid in the neck and the sex glands -- ovaries -- in the pelvis secrete substances which go into the blood. These glands contribute greatly to physical and mental development.
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