Thank you from Burton Paulu


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Thank you from Burton Paulu


University of Minnesota
Radio Station KUOM

September 23, 1946

From: Burton Paulu
Subject: A Thank You Note!

Whom should we thank for the success of KUOM's many special broadcasts during the polio emergency? Personally I think that our "KUOM for Kids" programs constituted the most outstanding example of public service broadcasting in Minnesota: and I believe that our "School by Air" programs will for some time remain unchallenged as the most significant educational radio project in the history of the state.

The planning, writing, production, and promotion of these programs required an enormous amount of thought, work, and energy on the part of a great many people. The University of Minnesota responded magnificently: the president, vice-presidents, deans, many members of the academic and civil service staffs, and many students, contributed in one way or another. People from the Minneapolis and St. Paul public and parochial schools, and representatives from the State Department of Education, as well as teachers and school administrators from outside the Twin Cities, helped us. A great many people who have no official connection with educational organizations gave us time and materials. And all of the KUOM staff, together with the University Radio Guild, worked long hours, and sacrificed themselves to make KUOM's polio programs the success they turned out to be.

There isn't enough time to write letters or to make telephone calls thanking individually the several hundred people who actively contributed. And so this mimeographed note will have to serve in place of a personal message:

Thank you for contributing to the success of "KUOM for Kids" and "School by Air."

Yours sincerely,
Burton Paulu
Manager KUOM


Burton Paulu


"Polio Programming Notes, 1946," Box 48, University of Minnesota Radio and Television Broadcasting records, ua01039, University Archives, University of Minnesota, Twin Cities


University of Minnesota


September 23, 1946


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