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Lillian Swenson


Lillian Marvin, also a graduate of the University of Minnesota in 1898, married David Swenson in 1912. After his death, she learned to read Danish and continued working on the translations of Kierkegaard which Swenson had left unfinished. The following works were published as a result of her efforts: Edifying Discourses , Volumes I-IV (1943-1947), Either/Or , Volume 1 (1945), Works of Love (1946), Gospel of Suffering and Lilies of the Field (1948). She also compiled and edited Something About Kierkegaard (1941), which is a collection of Swenson's philosophical talks, and Kierkegaardian Philosophy and the Faith of a Scholar (1949), also a collection of Swenson's addresses and essays. Lillian Swenson died in 1961.


University of Minnesota Archives Inventory of the David Ferdinand Swenson papers, 1912-1978


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