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Feinberg Sausage facility, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Feinberg delivery trucks are parked on the street in front of the entrance to the Feinberg Sausage facility.

Boys from the Emanuel Cohen Center at Sumner Field, Minneapolis, Minnesota
A group of boys gather behind their seated instructor at Sumner Field park. Sumner Field was a large commons area on the North Side that served as a playing field for North Side neighborhood children. Recreational opportunities for children and young…

North Side neighborhood team posed at Sumner Field, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Photograph showing a group of boys wearing baseball uniforms with baseball bats in the foreground. This group of boys probably played for a settlement house team. The uniforms they wear sport the letters "DTC": the scoreboard is in the background to…

Mercury Athletic Club, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Portrait photograph showing men associated with the Mercury Athletic Club. The Mercury Club was founded in 1930 as the Wells Mercurys, a boy's and girl's athletic club affiliated with the North Side Well Settlement House.

Woman in her back yard, North Side, Minneapolis, Minnesota
An unidentified woman sits in her backyard surrounded by chickens. An unidentified man stands on a ramp next to large crates in the background. The boxes are likely for salvage. Chickens were kept in the yard to help feed the family.

The Social Gathering a North Side neighborhood women's group, Minneapolis, Minnesota
This group of neighbors would meet informally at members' houses over the years. Their connection was geographic (North Side) rather than congregational (synagogue-related).

Plymouth Avenue looking west, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Photograph looking west down Plymouth Avenue. Cars are driving down the street and train tracks are visible running down the street. Plymouth Avenue was the hub of the Jewish north side. Services from printing to food markets to restaurants and…

Liberty Theater, North 6th and Lyndale Avenue North, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Photograph showing the front exterior of the Liberty Theater. The Liberty Theater was first a vaudeville venue, and later showed movies.

Judge Hiram Mendow, Minneapolis, Minnesota
This portrait of Hiram Mendow was taken after his graduation from the University of Minnesota Law School in 1915. Mendow had a extraordinary career as a practicing attorney in Minneapolis, where he represented "Kid Cann" Blumenfeld, head of…

Storefront and wagon at 6th Avenue North and 8th Avenue North, Minneapolis, Minnesota
The intersection of 6th Avenue and 8th Avenue North was home to several Jewish businesses servicing the surrounding neighborhood.

Rockler Family Seder held at the Farband (Zionist) House, Minneapolis, Minnesota
The Rockler Family sits around two long dining tables during Seder. The National Jewish Workers Alliance, also known as the Farband, was an early North American Zionist group. It was the mutual aid society of the political party Poale Zion. Farband…

Corner of 6th Avenue North and Aldrich Avenue North, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Commercial area at the corner of 6th Avenue North looking west.The business of Robert Eisman's meat shop can be seen on the corner at 800 6th Avenue North.

Synagogue of Congregation Kenesseth Israel, Minneapolis, Minnesota
View showing the front exterior of the Synagogue Kenesseth Israel. Kenesseth Israel was formed sometime in the late 19th century from the combined congregations of Ohel Jacob and Beth Midrash Hagodol on Minneapolis's North Side. The congregation was…

Building Committee of Congregation Kenesseth Israel, Minneapolis, Minnesota
The men in the picture represent the leadership of one of the most influential congregations in the City of Minneapolis at the time. Rabbi Silber is in the first row, middle.
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