JFB: Long and Troublesome Passage

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JFB: Long and Troublesome Passage

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Libri Cosmo Col. 63
Vovelle: Instrument inlaid in a printed book

Tropical plants
Sketch of various tropical plants, including pineapple.

Du Marsouin
Sketches of a squid and porpoise

Close-up of a map of Guinea featuring several animals

The Galleass
Engraving of a Galleass, a type of sailing ship.

de stadt Coylang
Assembly of a Portuguese fleet and army at Coylang

African Encounter
Woodcut of an encounter between European explorers and the inhabitants of the African coast

Naval Combat
Combat between two sailing ships.

Insula S. Laurentii vulgo Madagascar
Map of Madagascar and the coast of Africa

The pike Mountain upon The Island Tenerieto
Woodcut of a mountain rising to the skies from the island of Teneriffe

Africans & Europeans
Woodcut of an encounter between Europeans and Africans

Woodcut of Shipwreck
Woodcut of a shipwreck
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