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Open Heart: Intracardiac Surgery at the University of Minnesota

The Bubbled Heart


Due to the interest and acceptance of the DeWall Bubble Oxygenator as an affordable and effective method for cardiopulmonary bypass, the device was modified to produce a model that could be manufactured commercially.

Surgical resident Vincent Gott simplified the design of the oxygenator by heat-sealing the vertical mixing tube, de-bubbling chamber, and inclined settling columns between two sheets of polyvinyl plastic.  Plastic tubing carried the exchange of deoxygenated and oxygenated blood between the oxygenator unit and the patient.  The unit was designed to hang from a scale to assess blood volume, and could simply be discarded after use.  The Unitized Disposable Sheet Oxygenator was manufactured by the Travenol division of Baxter Laboratories of Morton Grove, Illinois.