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Olaus Magnus' 16th-Century Map of Scandinavia

Images and Quotes from the Historia

Olaus Magnus p. 11

Olaus Magnus, p. 11

All quotes from: A Compendious History of the Goths, Swedes, & Vandals, and Other Northern Nations, Olaus, Magnus, Archbishop of Uppsala, 1490-1557. John Streater active 1650-1670 London : printed by J. Streater, and are to be sold by Humphrey Mosely, George Sawbridge, Henry Twiford, Tho. Dring, John Place, and Henry Haringman 1658.



All images from: Historia de gentibus septentrionalibus, earumque diversis statibus, conditionibus, moribus, ritibus, superstitionibus, disciplinis, exercitiis, regimine, victu, bellis, structuris, instrumentis, ac mineris metallicis, & rebus mirabilibus, necnon uniuersis penè animalibus in Septentrione degentibus, eorumq[ue] natura ...
Olaus, Magnus, Archbishop of Uppsala, 1490-1557.
Romae : apud Ioannem Mariam de Viottis Parmensem 1555