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Juhla! Celebrating 150 years of Finnish Immigration to Minnesota

Family Life

Life of a Family

Three young men pose with their instruments

Three young men pose with their instruments: two cornets and a clarinet. The note on the back of this postcard reads: "music group Rasmus [Hanson] belonged to," undated.

The photographs in the Hanson Photographs collection at the Immigration History Research Center Archives depict the families of Lydia (1890-1981, born Leskella) and Rasmus Hanson (1885-1966).  Lydia’s parents immigrated to the United States from Finland.  The Leskella family operated a ranch near Buffalo, South Dakota, and Lydia was one of the first pioneer school teachers in what is now Harding County, SD.  The family moved to Henning, Minnesota, in 1912.  Lydia married Rasmus Hanson, a farmer in Leaf Lake Township, MN, in 1919.  His parents were immigrants from Norway and Finland.  Lydia gave up her teaching to work on the farm.  In 1950, they moved to New York Mills, Minnesota.