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"A Long, Troublesome, and Dangerous Passage" from England to India

13. Arrival in India

After spotting the "main continent of Asia the Great" on September 21st and the Portuguese lands of Deu and Damon, the Charles docked at Swally Road in India.

There, after a long, troublesome, and dangerous passage, we came at last to our desired port.

Over the course of this seven-and-a-half-month journey from England to India, Terry witnessed animals unlike any he had ever seen, the culture of non-European peoples, and the horror of naval combat. Although the route he took along the coast of Africa and Asia was a common one in the 17th century, Terry's experience is unique. By reading his journal, we are able to walk briefly in Edward Terry's shoes and see the world as he saw it. Through exercises like this, we can better understand the way people in the past thought about the world in which they lived.