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Balloons Over Broadway, Melissa Sweet, and the Engineering of a Picture Book

Trial and Error


Sketch of the Word Humor (Click to Enlarge)

One of Sweet's Sketches of the Word HUMOR

During her brainstorming, Melissa Sweet experimented with a page about Tony Sarg's humor. This page was not included in the published version of Balloons Over Broadway.


Trial and error in engineering and picture books means that sometimes things don't work out like you expect. This page didn’t make it into the final book, but the idea of humor is there. In the exhibit interview, Melissa Sweet lists some places where humor surfaces in the published book. What are some other examples of Tony Sarg's humor in Balloons Over Broadway?


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Humor Dummy Page (Click to Enlarge)

Humor Dummy Page


The early dummy pictured here includes a version of the humor page. It shows what it might have looked like if it made it into the final version of the book.